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southern california three police officers have been shot and we are getting new information. a weak cold front, end physician on cold -- emphasis on cold front is coming in, how much will we be getting. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day february 7th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, steve says may be a little rain. >> i think everybody will notice that, we will get some rain out of this but not a lot, somebody said, do you think it is going to rain a lot but it will weaken as it moves south and it will keep temperatures cool, here is sal. golden gate bridge, they have opened all the lanes four
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lanes now only headed to the toll plaza making it ready for the morning commute. also it is looking good on the san mateo bridges a you drive out to the area, 5:00 let's go back to the desk. a manhunt is happening right now for a double homicide suspect who is also accused of shooting three police officers this morning. the suspect is a former lapd officer. we just got news from this homicide. lapd officer is suspected of fatally shooting a woman and her fiance. he a blaming her for losing his job and he wrote a manifesto and claims to bring warfare in those in lapd uniforms. three officers were shot during this manhunt and one of them reportedly has died. we will bring you the latest
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information as we it in. reporting overnight news, san jose firefighters are investigating an overnight house fire. now a traffic camera happened just moments after it started. in the rose garden neighborhood we will explain... >> reporter: you can see they already boarded up the windows in the last half hour and you can see the extensive damage inside, it was completely black and the roof caved in, there were even holes in the floor. this is a video taken from somebody on the scene and it broke out at 1:30 at a house on ryan mckenzie treat. -- on mac street. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get it under
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control. the firefighters woke up neighbors who then went out to watch. >> the house is a total loss and the neighbors who own the loss moved to fremont street, unfortunately it was empty and there were no people in there at the time so everybody was safe. >> firefighters confirmed the heaviest flames were in the kitchen area so it could be the point of origin. >> reporter: the fire is still under investigation and there was no damage to the neighboring home. firefighters did arrive on scene and neighbors turned up and were too distraught and shook their heads and drove off. we will tell you the problem that was going on with this house which caused them to move out and that may have saved them from being home during the fire. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. san jose police are looking for an escapee who stole a police van. he ran through the highway and had been arrested for violating his probation. because he is a physically large man, they used two sets of handcuffs but he slipped out of the handcuffs and while they were doing paperwork he slipped out of his handcuffs, jumped into the driver's seat and took off. >> i have an aluminum bat, i am pretty sure i can take care of us. >> reporter: sanchez is wanted on drug related warrants. he is latino, 5-foot 8 to 5- foot 10 inches tall weighing 275 pounds. he was last seen wearing black
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sweat pants and had a gray sweatshirt. for the first time police are publicly naming a person of interest in the disappearance of kevin collins. dan therrien / jackson died in 2008. he had a history of kidnapping years before kevin collins disappeared and he fits the description of the man last seen talking to kevin collins. >> when we heard his background, i just got chills. in a way he has gotten away with murder. he never had to face a court of law with almost everything he did apparently but he faced a higher court. >> this is the same man we talked about yesterday and investigators recently developed new leads in the kevin collins case prompting a
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search of jackson / dan therrien's old home. now police are turning to new leads in the kevin colors case. stay with us for the kevin collins case, we will bring you new developments on air and on line. chuck reid is expected to begin a yearlong campaign to raise the city's sales tax. he will deliver his state of the city address and his address will focus on crime and the economy. he will most likely ask voters to pass a tax hike next year which is the latest will it show up on the ballot. it will pay for city services and also they will be able to higher more civil servant employees. this is a live picture of
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president barack obama and ms. obama. there is about 3,000 people expected at the 61st annual prayer breakfast. vice-president joseph biden is there as well and after this breakfast, vice-president joseph biden will be joining house democrats in their annual retreat. yesterday, he was with senate democrats at their retreat. john brennan head of cia faces a questioning today. he worked for the cia for 25 years and senators want to question brennan about several cia activities from water boarding to the use of armed drone strikes on suspected terrorists. in the meantime they are
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broadcasting this video saying it is extracted from a spy drone captured in 2011. coming up what iran says the video shows. sal, you have the east shore ready for traffic? >> yes we do, we are looking at it dave, pam, once again, we are driving through and it is not all that bad although it is getting busier as we drive into richmond and berkeley, this moment the bay bridge is looking good with no major problems and usually 45 minutes from now we start seeing the first lines and we are looking out for that as well. we are looking at the commute on san jose freeways, 281 and 105 are off to a good start. let's go to steve. we will get to our weather when we have a little bit of rain. there could be a whopper of a snowstorm back east so keep
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that in mind. we have a weak system producing some rain in santa rosa and if you are getting some rain, you can always tweet me. that is absolutely the best way to get in touch with me. yesterday it was sunny, nice, i know the mornings were cold but temperatures on the high side, town to friday and then next wednesday is sunny and warm. the 10 day outlook is dry and this system will not have much rain either but it has a lot of cold air. 30s and 40s here, some 30s on the lows and one woman said it is always colder there. moffett you can find colder temperatures. we appreciate the system dropping in and we get a sun break and then it turns colder showery and windy.
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50s on the temperatures, low 50s and upper 40s in mendocino county and maybe parts of lake county and a little warmer to the south but not a lot. cold air arrives friday and most of the cloud activity should be over the mountains over and off the coast and sunny on the weekend and windy and cold, a little breezy and warmer sunday and monday. 5:09 california officials are praying for rain in march. november and december we had pretty good rainfall, the east bay how isn't itty had to release water to avoid -- the east bay utility system had to release water to avoid flooding. >> we can use the water but we have had the third dryest january on record. >> district officials say a few
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more big storms is all we need to maintain the current levels. raiders announced some big changes to avoid blackouts, what will be different at the coliseum next time. >> and days after the end of that hostage ordeal, we will tell you what is planned for today... >> good morning, westbound 237 we are off to a decent start as we move through and we will tell you more about the bay area weather and our commute.
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. the suspect was killed in a firefighter fight when they stormed an underground bunker to rescue that little boy. authorities say no more explosives have been found. leon panetta will testify about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. senators want to question leon panetta about the attack in benghazi libya and there is a lot of questions about the lack of security at the consulate. four americans were killed including ambassador chris stevens. around the world they are
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blood casting what a -- broadcasting what appears to be u.s. spy drones and they claim they have decoded the spy drones. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the department of defense. the person who can speak to me about it will not be there for another 45 minutes. it shows an aerial view of the city, possibly a u.s. drone base in afghanistan. iran is using this as a way to spy on middle eastern countries that want to be left alone. this all comes as the senate intelligence committee will receive a classified document on how u.s. drones can be used. some are angry saying they targeted americans overseas without congressional oversight. reports show two americans were killed in 2011 were working for
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al qaeda and they are releasing that memo today after they spent months pushing for it. senator dianne finestein has no idea when that memo will come down and he i will have more updates when i see you next, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. they have it in the persian gulf and two have been deployed to the gulf and leon panetta has been critical of the pentagon budget cuts and saying reduced presence around the u.s. can reduce their ability to respond to a crisis. two more suspects are wanted in connection with the deadly shooting at a gas
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station. brian fox is named as a suspect and now two others were also involved. now investigators say they targeted 20-year-old timothy smith at the station tuesday. it is believed the suspects spent time in oakland and san francisco and police say they should be considered armed and dangerous. time now 5:16, they are called private room kerry okey but there could be a lot more than just singing going on behind closed doors, stay tuned that story is coming up at 5:25. >> they could avoid home games being blacked out in the future by reducing the seating capacity by almost 10,000. they plan to block off part of the third deck which is known as mt. davis. they say that plan will make sure that sellouts are in place so local games could be
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broadcast on television. san francisco giants will be hosting the world classic in march. however team officials are worried about the players in that tournament. three players in particular are pitchers ryan vogueel and pablo sandoval as well. the giants are worried players could hold up after a long series season last year. they have one player, pedro figueroa. well, we are looking at the east bay, pam and dave starting off the traffic and looking at interstate 880 right near the oakland coliseum, the traffic does look good and it is also a good start getting out towards the area so there are no major problems and a lot of people are driving out towards the toll plaza and it starts to change. this is about the time when it starts to change as we get
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closer to 6:00. we still have a little bit of a window and if you are driving on southbound 101 it looks good driving from 380 and no trouble on the dumbarton or san mateo bridge. it is 5:18 let's go to steve. mostly clear to the north already up into mendocino county lake county, it looks like some light rain, it is not very strong. first rain since the 21st of january and there will not be very much there. this will give about one to five inches of snow, i know the mornings are cold in fact high temperatures will take a plunge over the next 48 hours and it looks like, this is a system out there and you can tell there is not a lot and there is some colder temperatures 30s and 40s and napa will go up, livermore 38, 45 fso, 43
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pacifica and some of these temperatures with that southeast wind in advance of it will give some light rain and the high temperatures will struggle, mightily. there will be some sun and late morning early afternoon begins to pick in and that will really send a pretty good breeze along with the cold tell it -- temperatures, and possible showers off the coast and saturday and sunday cold and windy and sunny and warmer next week. european investors are starting the day cautiously optimistic while waiting for the policy decision. overnight, they lost ground leading up to the lunar celebration. nikkei hit its highest in years and china and south korea also slipped.
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we did get word from the european central bank which should help markets around the world and right now futures do indicate a slightly higher opening in the u.s. today chevrolet is introducing its first powered vehicle and gm will unveil the chevy cruise compact which will sell for $5,000 more than the gas powered model. it is more efficient and they are calling it a strong seller for chevy. a marin oyster farm is involving a judge and a deadlock. and this is caught on tape, an suv plows right into a restaurant.
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. in florida an suv crashed right into his restaurant. he moved right out the way in time. the driver, a 70-year-old woman who just lost control and she walked away with no major injuries. now we know the cause of death of a woman whose body was found in the river of a santa cruz woman. the body is that of guadeloupe
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quart tess. she -- cortez. she was last seen swimming in the river with two men. she suffered from hypothermia and drowned in the river. the investigation continues. the drake bay oyster bay filed a legal appeal to stay in business. the property expired and the secretary interior rejected a request for a ten year extension. the farm has until march 15th to remove all of its equipment. they want a court to say it can stay on that land until a full trial of the case is heard. an investigation has been called on what is called private room kerry okey. according to the investigation there is more than just singing
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going on in these rooms. >> reporter: she is a bay area singer and d j and took special interest in a report about a private room kerry okey. they are suspected in drug activity. >> i have always heard roomers about them and you wonder, are they even open, is it a front? >> the owner denied anything illegal was going on there but they are taking steps to crack down on private rooms. they are concerned it has become a haven for prostitution and illegal drug use. if you have any information send us your tip. sal is coming back, what is happening on 280, sal? well, it is getting crowded
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dave, but it is not slow. northbound 280 we have more people getting on the road but there is plenty of room still and for every minute that goes by, let's move to 680 southbound and you can tell there is more people on the road and there is no stop and go and we keep on it for you as usual and no major problems are on these two roads. let's go to steve. well, our system is coming in, in the 4th rain only this year and you can see in mendocino county it looks like it is up towards the geysers and there is a mix of snow and if you have anything, you can always tweet me or e-mail me. this is a weak system, 30s and 40s on the temperatures, and i don't think they will be coming down too much. we will have a break and then tonight, that has the cold air. highs today are in the 50s and we will have more on this
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system in about 10 minutes. >> it is just a few hours before they are teeing o there are big names as well as claudine wong, we will have a live report. and there is information coming in, there is a manhunt underway for a former lapd officer gunning down three officers and we will have the very latest. what you may be able to do, what you may never be able to do again once the span opens, stay tuned for more, we will explain. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar
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it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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. welcome back, it is thursday, february 7th, i am dave clark. >> steve says it's going to get cold and i am hoping that means snow. >> there is a winter weather advisory but we are not getting snow but it is already moving into lake sonoma county and there is a lot of cold air coming in and highs today only in the 50s, here is sal. good morning, this is a look on highway 4 westbound although it is getting more crowded through this area this morning if you are driving on 880 in oakland both directions
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look good. let's go back to the desk. this is a big story, a massive manhunt for a double murder suspect is happening right now. three officers were shot overnight and ktvu news brian flores is in our newsroom, you say he is a former lapd officer? >> yes. >> reporter: it appears officers may be closing in on some evidence or perhaps the suspect himself. this is video just coming into our newsroom and you can see a very active scene and they are concentrating on the corona area from what would we understand. -- from what we understand. he is accused of shooting the former assistant basketball coach, he is also accused of shooting her fiance. lawrence was reportedly a police officer in southern
5:34 am
california. doerner implicated himself in a manifesto which says why he shot the two. officers responded to an area after receiving report of a vehicle matching the distrippings of his car. when they -- description of the car. when they came upon the scene, they suffered a graze wound and multiple reports including los angeles times is reporting another officer is shot and killed. police continue to look for doerner, he has black hair and brown eyes and the latest we are hearing is police officers are lining up at first and maine because they believe don'ter may have -- doerner may have attacked officers there and we are obviously following this fluid situation. i am brian flores, ktvu channel
5:35 am
2 morning news. i will have another live report coming up. we are following overnight news from the south bay, san jose firefighters are investigating an early morning house fire which happened in the rose garden neighborhood. it started at a vacant house. firefighters had it under control in about an hour and luckily nobody was hurt. >> there were no people in there at the time so everybody is safe. >> at this point it's still not clear how the fire started. we have janine de la vega on the scene and she will have the latest on the investigation in our 6:00 hour. a search continues for a man who escaped from police officers while they were arresting him. tara moriarty is in san jose to talk about how he managed to get away despite being handcuffed. >> reporter: even though he was in handcuffs all it took was a few minutes for this parolee to
5:36 am
escape. we have received an update on this case this morning. here is what we know, yesterday afternoon officers picked up anthony sanchez and because he is a large man they linked two handcuffs together and while they were doing paperwork he slipped out of the handcuffs and jumped in the front seat and ended up driving off. neighbors say they didn't think anything of it since they live so close to the freeway and they are always parking their cars there. >> somebody had gotten away from his arrest and had handcuffs on and grabbed a mini- van that the uncover -- undercover police was driving, he took off in it and must have parked it here and took off on foot. i guess the guy lives somewhere near by here. >> now sanchez is 32 years old
5:37 am
and is described as latino, 5- foot 8, 5-foot 10, last seen wearing black pants and a black sweatshirt, if you have any information about his whereabouts, you are urged to contact police and we'll see if we can get a photo of this suspect. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose igating the killin 13-year-old girl. police announced that her death is a homicide but they are still not saying exactly how she died. her body was found in allenwood park a day after she was reported missing. a vigil is expected tonight. new toll collection equipment will be installed at the toll plaza starting 8:00 tomorrow night. one lane will be closed before the toll plaza this weekend and
5:38 am
we will have single lane closures from february 19th through march 5th which may delay drivers up to 15 minutes or so. soon you may be able to walk on the eastern span of the bay bridge before you even drive on it. they are thinking of a big grand opening party which will include a public bridge walk and they are talking about a marathon, a concert and even a fireworks show. that walk would be free but you would have to sign up in advance to get a ticket. that span is due to open september 3rd right after the labor day weekend. it resumes in two and a half hours. the pro golf tournament will tee off and celebrities include several actors. long time to come medians as
5:39 am
well. >> these people have seen me 13 years in a row doing the same material. >> it is a great ticket for the masters. >> local figures jim harbaugh will be there, matt cain. phil mickelson, and of course we will go live to pebble beach as celebrity golfers try to prepare for the opening round. >> ray is good, phil mickelson is good... sal is good too. >> we played once, right pam? >> you need to play in contra costa. >> that is great transition because we are starting there dave. very well done, you have done this before. you are coming up to the willow pass grade and traffic is moving nicely as you come over the hill. there are no major problems so the theme is, this is the calm
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before the traffic storm if you will and there might even be some weather to deal with and we will let steve handle part of that so if you drive in parts of the city it is moving along well. speaking of the weather, let's talk to steve. well, a system weak as it may be, you can see it is beginning to move in, santa rosa says light rain and lake county, may be a little snow mix up towards the geysers up there, i doubt there is too much out of this but mostly clear skies and there is two parts. this right there, then we get a little bit of a break, and that up there, that will be the cold air in tonight and tomorrow. it will bring a couple of inches of snow to the mountains and the bigger temperature drop is the bigger story even though we can use the rain because we have been dry the entire year.
5:41 am
30s and 40s on the temperatures and these temperatures are going to plunge friday into saturday. there is a system for the morning, early afternoon your break with this cold unstable air mass. winter weather advisory is posted from 10:00 a.m. today and tomorrow. not a lot, the winds are picking up and we get some snow showers. it will be sunny to mostly sunny. clouds light rain, mostly cloudy today, a little breezy at times, right now it is out of the southeast and that will be a cold direction coming in later tonight and temperatures in the 50s for everybody. about the same on try day, more cold than showers and breezy cooler early next week. steve was talking about this off camera, a history making snowstorm may soon hit new england and in fact people are hearing snow making machines and other supplies getting ready.
5:42 am
there is a storm sitting over the great lakes right now and it is expected to merge with another storm over new england tomorrow. it will produce high winds as much as two feet of snow. >> we want to make sure we stock up and have extra supplies and everything but other than that, we have a generator left from the last two scarce and we should be good there in case the power goes out. >> they should be getting the plows and trucks ready. we have utility poles ready just incase the power is knocked out. >> more legal headaches forearm -- for armstrong. they want their money back, word of a new lawsuit. plus investigators are zeroing in on the motive of a triple homicide. good morning, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather coming up.
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. well there is not a lot to our mix, it will be a cool day today temperatures hit and miss only in the 50s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, a major story southern california right now, they are searching for a former lapd officer they think he shot two riverside police officers this morning killing one of them. he is also accused of killing the daughter of a retired officer and her fiance and that
5:46 am
manhunt is happening as we speak. there is a fire in the rose garden, this one started in a vacant home. there was some major damage but nobody was hurt. san jose police are searching for an escaped probation violater. he escaped while he was being arrested. police say 32-year-old anthony sanchez escaped in a police van yesterday afternoon. that van was found expressway. investigators in sonoma county have now linked this ekwe triple hocide botched marijuana deal. now on tuesday, sheriff's deputies found the bodies of three men inside a home in forestville. the men came to the home to buy a large amount of marijuana and the drug deal ended in gunfire. >> most of our crime is related to marijuana, the theft of marijuana and the growing of marijuana. >> one victim was a sonoma county native and the other two
5:47 am
were from out of state. sonoma sheriff's deputies are still searching for their killers. a gun battle last friday night killed an 18-year-old boy and wounded three other people. it happened after the first art festival. 10,000 people attended that event. several business owners are now worried it has become too big for police to control but some say they will have a hard time staying in business if the event is canceled. antonio is at the state capital and their campaign for legislative proposals are to reduce gun violence and they will announce those proposal at 10:00 at the state capital. the supervisor introduced a resolution for the city's retirement board to stop investing in companies that
5:48 am
make guns and ammunition. the san francisco's retirement system has $9,000 invested in weapons related companies. los angeles and here locally, napa, they are considering similar options. the supervisor alverez's resolutions will go for a vote tuesday. now in union city, coming up at 4:55 we will show you some of the changes and how they could help if there is an emergency. there are new legal options for lance armstrong. he is facing many charges and they believe he tried to cover up his drug use by threatening potential witnesses. now the sports insurance company that paid armstrong more than $10 million in bonuses now plans to file a lawsuit to recover its money. armstrong admitted using
5:49 am
performance enhancing drugs during a television interview with oprah whimphrey. the comedian cat williams finally faced a sacramento judge. he evaded police on a three wheel motorcycle in november. he is also accused of slapping a store employee. he claims he missed court because he was in southern california fighting for custody of his children. he will have another hearing at the end of the month. time now 7:47 sal is back, how is highway 24 doing? >> well, it is getting busier and as you drive over to the tunnel there are no major problems but you can see it is getting busier. there are no problems on interstate 880 down to san ramon and a lot people make that drive and so far it's good. 880 to oakland that is getting
5:50 am
more crowded but we have a theme, so far it is good not a lot of crashed vehicles. it has been good to the pass on 68023 680, it is taking only 23 minutes and let's go to steve. it is cloudy with light rain to the north and i wish this system were stronger, but it's not. it is only giving us light rain and there are two parts to it, we get a break late morning and the secondary part of the system, that has the cold area and the sweep in tonight into tomorrow. people are saying to me, do you really think it's going to rain tomorrow? >> yes, i do i don't say that unless i think so. temperatures are dropping down into friday and there might be snow mix into parts of lake county up to the geysers and it
5:51 am
looks like rain everywhere else and it gives a little bit of snow in the sierra. temperatures 30s and 40s and cloud cover is coming in and that will change, also southeast winds are in -- winds are in advance and here comes the colder air. for the sierra, winter weather advisory, 10:00 a.m. tomorrow for some snow, maybe 5 or 6 inches of snow, they will get a little bit there and saturday and sunday look good and the lows will be cold. so clouds light rain, mostly cloudy a little breezy windy at times and temperatures in the 50s. upper 40s in parts of mendocino count tip and lake count tip and -- count tip and lake county but not much. it will be sunny and breezy and cool but warmer monday and tuesday. >> thank you, steve. boeing is working on design changes to minimize the risk of
5:52 am
fire. it comes even though the ntsb says the battery is not necessarily unsafe but they say the battery needs more reliable savegards before being put back into service. the faa is still running tests to determine what is going on during flights. they are taking out and they will use other planes on those routes. they are expected to be used to japan and nigeria. a merger is inching closer. they say details are being ironed out and a formal announcement could come within the next two weeks. the biggest hurdle are financial aspects and who will lead the combined company although u.s. airways is considered the favorite. he should get millions of dollars in overtime pay and why
5:53 am
he said he should get that money because he was just doing what he was told to do. it is a major cable accident in san francisco. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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. good evening, some rain to the north, moving in to
5:56 am
northern sonoma and parts of napa and mostly cloudy and temperatures are only in the 50s. an overnight police chase in southern california ended with this fiery crash. this is what it was like in boyle heights right outside los angeles. he hit a gun rail and the car burst into flames. police did pull the driver out of that wreckage and we don't know anybody's condition. seven people were hurt, one of them seriously after a cable car accident in san francisco. it happened on powell and washington streets yesterday morning. the cable car hit a small metal bolt that was stuck in the tracks and the cable car slammed into an abrupt stop. he was badly hurt and another woman fell off the cable car and hit her leg. muni is investigating where
5:57 am
it happened. students taking free online classes may soon be able to get credit for them. there are five classes offered by a palo alto company. those classes are algebra, -- algebra, bioelectronics and students will have to pay between 100 and $190 for class credits. they are applauding the school district for installing new safety locks on classroom doors. they are allowed to lock them from the inside in the event of a lock down. they also have peep holes so teachers can monitor events going on outside of the classrooms. >> you had to actually go outside lock it and then come in and that's not safe. >> now the district decided to
5:58 am
make security changes last summer long before the newtown connecticut sandy hook elementary school but it is costing $10 million for those changes. for two days, they will hear from seasoned developers device makers and moble operators and they can see what is available from 150 exhibiters. it is designed to help up and coming developers learn how to overcome challenges to help them use what they design. and 75% of things downloaded are never looked at again. he claims the city owes him overtime for checking his work- related e-mails an answering calls from bosses after hours. jeffery allen claims police top
5:59 am
officials to make lower officers to answer calls an e- mails and if he is successful it could mean millions of dollars in back pay for him and other officers. if you are required to do that, he should be paid. >> pam, getting on the twitter thing, i see it every day pam is on there. some of us are on twitter and you can find us there by searching our names. getting up to highway 17, it is a nice looking drive and we are looking on interstate 880 driving south, it remains steady and 580 is getting busy near the pass. it is 5:57 let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news, the suspect

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